As the One Big Sky Center (OBSC) development project progressed, the Chamber watched closely. With Hammes Company leading the charge, our organization is confident in the transformative change this development district will bring not only to downtown Billings, but to the entire city, region and even the state of Montana. The successful creation of a comprehensive plan and strategy is key to moving this project forward, impacting the livability of our amazing city.

The progression of this project has been drastic, including a major deviation from the original plan/site concept. The Billings Chamber supports the careful vetting taking place by the Hammes Company and believes the time taken now will result in a successful implementation of the district in the near term. The plan to develop two “Districts” (a lifestyle district anchored by a convention center and a health and wellness district) is a wonderful concept. It changes the OBSC “skyscraper” from a project to a community vision.

The Hammes Company recently released this report offering a look into their market analysis, the urban development trends informing their proposal and the next steps in the process.

A look over Hammes Company’s resume shows a track record for success. Their award-winning development in Allentown, PA as well as successful developments in Green Bay, WI, Duluth, MN and Rochester, MN solidify our confidence in their ability to deliver on this vision successfully. Watch the before and after video from Allentown, PA here.

The Chamber is excited to support such a transformative project for our community and state. Stay tuned as next steps progress. We are committed to keeping our membership informed on the vision and how it will impact your business.

Development by Hammes Company in Allentown, PA
A look at the development in Allentown, PA led by Hammes Company.