Billings offers a full-spectrum of educational options for children and adults. Quality education is an important aspect of the Billings’ community on every learning level.

Public Schools

School District #2
The main public school district is Billings School District #2 which enrolls approximately 17,000 students. It is the largest school district in the state of Montana. SD #2’s instructional programs encompass kindergarten through 12th grade, as well as adult education. There are 22 elementary schools, six middle schools, and four high schools. Billings Public Schools employs about 1,850 full-time equivalent positions with an approximate $118 million dollar budget. SD #2 is essentially two separate school districts operating under a unified Board of Trustees. The Billings Elementary School District serves students K-8. This includes Billings’ 22 public elementary schools as well as the six public middle schools. The second district is the High School District. It is organized into three, four year high schools, one career center and one adult education center.

For further information about Billings School District #2, please contact:

Yellowstone County School District #2
Superintendent of Schools 415 North 30th Street
217 North 27th Billings, MT 59101
Billings, MT 59101 (406)247-3777
(406)256 6933

Private Schools

Billings Catholic Schools
The Billings Catholic Schools serve nearly 1,000 students in grades K-12.
BCS includes St. Francis Primary, Intermediate, Upper and Billings Central Catholic High Schools. These schools all operate under the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings and are supported in part by the seven Catholic parishes in the city. The system is governed by the Billings Catholic Schools Board. Billings Catholic Schools also offer pre-school, daycare, before school and after school daycare options. More details can be read at

Adelphi Christian Academy
Adelphi Christian Academy offers schooling for students K-12. The Academy was founded by a group of parents, seeking high quality, independent, and non-denominational Christian education in Billings, Montana. Caring individuals from a cross-section of the community have united for the purpose of delivering excellence in education with a Biblical worldview. Adelphi stresses the importance of parental involvement, community service, and outreach, and the importance of training students to develop lifelong learning skills while equipping them for successful lives. More information is available at

Higher Education Opportunities

Rocky Mountain College
Rocky Mountain College is Montana’s oldest higher education institution. RMC consistently ranks in the top ten among the most comprehensive colleges in the western United States. A private college, RMC offers more than 27 liberal arts and professionally oriented majors. The College’s low student-to-teacher ratio makes the school very appealing to both traditional and non-traditional students. RMC has an approximate 1,000 student enrollment. These students are as diverse as the Rocky’s curriculum. The student population includes people from 37 states and 20 countries. The updated campus, strong sports program and phenomenal arts and culture programs help make this college competitive across the nation. For more information, log on to

Montana State University Billings
Whether you’re a graduate student, a high school student or a distance learner, Montana State University Billings can help you achieve the higher education you are seeking. Approximately 5,000 students attend MSU Billings which offers more than 100 degrees in a variety of disciplines. Examples include: arts and sciences, education, business, human services and technology. Classes at MSU Billings are offered during days and evenings to accommodate traditional and non-traditional students. Grants, loans scholarship and work-study options are plentiful. MSU Billings offers one and two-year certificate programs, two and four-year degrees as well as Master’s degree programs. Spread over 98 acres, MSU Billings has 16 buildings, employs more than 900 full-time and part-time people, and is the fourth largest employer in Yellowstone County, with an annual payroll in excess of $18 million. Visit the campus on-line at

The University of Mary
In 2003, the University of Mary expanded from its main campus located in Bismarck, North Dakota to serve Montana. The University of Mary Billings Center offers working professionals the opportunity to achieve their educational goals by attending class in Billings just one night per week. The University of Mary recognizes that adult students have the experience, the discipline and the capability of learning through a non-traditional approach, so our accelerated programs are designed to be completed in as little as 15 months. There are both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs available. The University of Mary Billings Center allows adults to be both full-time employees and full-time students and the school prides itself on being service and student focused. The University of Mary designed its accelerated programs to be the perfect fit for adult learners.
For more information, call (406) 256-1738 or log on to

Montana State University – College of Technology
The MSU Billings College of Technology offers training for many of today’s high demand technological positions. The College of Technology focuses on degrees and licenses for nurses, surgical technicians, paramedics, firefighters, automobile technicians, diesel technicians, process plant operators, computer system technicians, computer desktop support specialists, and computer-assisted drafting technicians working with architects. These examples are just a few of the career possibilities for students earning Certificates, Associate of Applied Science degrees, Associate of Science degrees or Associate of Arts degrees from the College of Technology. Find out more at

Yellowstone Baptist College
The Yellowstone Baptist College (YBC) is the newest college in the Southern Baptist family. YBC is the only Southern Baptist College in the Northwest. The school was started in 1974 by the Yellowstone Southern Baptist Association. The YBC campus serves its students well with a new chapel and music building, prayer room, offices for the music faculty, a practice room, choir room, classrooms, and a music library to which new selections are added continually. The Yellowstone Baptist College is located on Billings’ west-end and it maintains the highest academic standards possible. Today, both traditional and non-traditional students can engage in serious study of the Bible and related Christian subjects at the YBC. Log online to learn more:

Walla Walla University
Students at Walla Walla College are part of an atmosphere that’s intimate and supportive, stimulating and fun. From rigorous academic programs to exciting cultural events and life-changing spiritual activities, the conditions are just right to come into your own. The WWU is based in Washington State but he Missoula Master of Social Work program was extended to Billings in 2001. This extension was important to WWU so the school could offer a program in Social Work education in the eastern half of the state of Montana. The Billings campus is located on the historic south side of town in a newly remodeled facility. The building has spacious classrooms and contemporary equipment to provide an enhanced learning experience and comfortable atmosphere for learning. The WWU Billings campus phone number is (406) 254-9907.

Community Education
The Community Education program in Billings, offers continuing education classes in computers, business, medicine, fitness, wellness, sports, languages, arts and crafts, music, dog obedience, as well as parent/child workshops. There are also fun and creative “Kid’s Only” classes.