Source: Montana State University – Billings’ Center for Applied Economic Research

Yellowstone County Government:
Governing Board of three (3) County Commissioners
Rural Fire District 228 Volunteers
Taxable Valuation (FY 2003) $203,073,084
Bonded Debt (FY 2003) $871,692 RSID , $7,005,000 G.O.
Debt Limit (FY 2003) $74 million

City of Billings Government:
Mayor and City Council
The Billings, Montana City Code or BMCC, was adopted in 1977. The current mayor of Billings is Bill Cole. Mayor Colecan be contacted via email at:
Billings is divided into 5 city Council Wards.
More information on the City of Billings and its internal departments can be accessed at:

Taxable Valuation (FY 2003) In Effect
Bonded Debt (FY 2003) $119,756,182 w/tax increment
Debt Limit (FY 2003) $9,387,344