Source: Montana State University – Billings’ Center for Applied Economic Research

Yellowstone County Government:
Governing Board of three (3) County Commissioners
Rural Fire District 228 Volunteers
Taxable Valuation (FY 2003) $203,073,084
Bonded Debt (FY 2003) $871,692 RSID , $7,005,000 G.O.
Debt Limit (FY 2003) $74 million

City of Billings Government:
Mayor and City Council
The Billings, Montana City Code or BMCC, was adopted in 1977. The current mayor of Billings is Tom Hanel. Mayor Hanel can be contacted via email at:
Billings is divided into 5 city Council Wards.
More information on the City of Billings and its internal departments can be accessed at:

Taxable Valuation (FY 2003) In Effect
Bonded Debt (FY 2003) $119,756,182 w/tax increment
Debt Limit (FY 2003) $9,387,344