The city of Billings is located in south central Montana, within easy driving distance of Yellowstone National Park. Nestled in the fertile valley of the Yellowstone River and framed on three sides by scenic mountain ranges, Billings is a blend of plains and mountain geographies.

Fed by numerous tributaries, the Yellowstone River flows in a northeasterly direction through the Yellowstone valley. The valley measures from a few yards to twelve miles in width. Valley soils are deep, well-drained loams and silty clays. Sandstone cliffs, from 300 to 500 feet high, form a landmark border known as the “rimrocks” to the north and east of the city. Above the Rimrocks, the land is primarily rolling hills with shallow to moderately deep soils of sandy and clay loams. South of Billings, the terrain is characterized by rolling to moderately steep hills with high, flat tablelands.

The city limit encompasses a land area of 39.6 square miles. Yellowstone County contains 2,646 square miles. Both city and counties are the most heavily populated in the state.

Latitude: 45E 48’N
Longitude: 108E 33’W
Elevation: 3,567 feet above mean sea level
Time Zone: Mountain Standard
Area Code: 406
Postal Abbreviation: MT