On October 5, 2020 Yellowstone County residents and businesses were informed of the staggering number of COVID-19 cases in our county and the rapid spread of the virus overwhelming our healthcare facilities. Our County Health Officer, John Felton, presented a timeline for our community to do their part to slow the spread and shared potential new restrictions impacting business operations if cases continue to increase.

One area of significant virus spread is in work places (approximately 50% of all cases). Storefront, “Main Street” businesses are owned by and employ our neighbors, invest in our communities, drive our economy, and define our community’s character. These small businesses like restaurants, bars and retail operations unfortunately do not have the flexibility to work from home and must continue to operate at current (and hopefully higher) levels or we will lose them. In an effort to reduce the spread and remain below the COVID-case threshold triggering increased business restrictions, the businesses below are taking steps to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Yellowstone County, allowing our restaurants, bars, and retail operations and others to maintain regular business operations.

The businesses below, representing approximately 1,064 employees, pledge to allow and encourage their employees to work from home while not interrupting regular business operations. Due to the nature of their business, it affords most, if not all of their employees, the ability to work remotely with limited to no disruption. These businesses commit to also encouraging their employees working from home to support local businesses by buying from local retailers, enjoying food and beverages from our establishments and, when visiting in person, doing so masked and socially distanced.

To further support these businesses, the Billings Chamber of Commerce, Visit Billings, the Downtown Billings Association, and PayneWest Insurance will invest no less than $20,000 in purchasing gift cards from local businesses and providing them to local employers/employees taking this pledge.

This pledge removes one aspect of significant spread (workplace environments) while still stimulating our economy. We appreciate these partners for helping to develop this program.

We are one Billings. Let’s do what we can to help one another out.

If your business wants to join these efforts to support small business and are able to take the work from home pledge, email John@BillingsChamber.com and tell us the name of your business along with the number of employees who will be working from home.

Thank you to the businesses who have already taken the pledge:

A & E Design

Alzheimer’s Association

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yellowstone County

Billings Chamber of Commerce

Billings Depot, Inc.

Billings Gazette

Billings Petroleum Club

Billings Symphony Orchestra & Chorale

Chicago Title

Cherry Creek Mortgage Company

City of Billings

Clark Marten Photography

Cushing Terrell

DIS Technologies

Downtown Billings Alliance

Early Enterprises, LLC

Eide Bailly

Family Service

First Interstate Bank

Home Builders Association of Billings

It’s Elation, Inc.

Kampgrounds of America

Kinetic Marketing & Creative





QBS Safeguard

Rural Employment Opportunities

Sanderson Stewart

Step, Inc.

The Base Camp


Travel Café

United Way

Visit Billings

Visit Southeast Montana

Whitewood Transport, Inc.



Take the Work from Home Pledge! Submit your information through the form below and we will update this page with your information within 24-48 hours.

Thank you for pledging to do your part to Stop the Spread of COVID-19. Those of us who can work from home in Yellowstone County pledge to do so in order to help our friends and neighbors who must work onsite to be able to continue to work and do so safely