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By Daniel Brooks Business Advocacy Director   Billings City Council elections wrapped up with final results out on November 5th.   After the crowded primary election, the remaining 10 candidates raced to the November finish. Voters decided to return the … Continued

by Brenda Maas Out here in Southeast Montana, we thrive on our sense of place. The wide-open land, where the mountains roll out to meet the prairies is the epitome of home for many of us. Yet, when it comes … Continued

by Dan Brooks, Business Advocacy Director I’ve had a number of recent conversations with members about the Billings Chamber weighing in on local elections. Generally it’s positive: “I don’t really follow local elections, so your communications are really informative.” But … Continued

The Billings Chamber of Commerce has always made developing leadership a priority. A community depends on good leaders to grow and improve, which is why we develop our many leadership programs. One of those programs seeks to teach leadership skills … Continued