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    Serving can be just as important and beneficial to your professional development as education and networking. Many business professionals spend so much time working on their own personal growth and development, they lose sight of the benefits that … Continued

Since 2011 over 250 travelers have joined the Billings Chamber on international awareness tours to destinations such as China, Spain, Austria, Tuscany, Ireland and the Scandinavian capitals. This year, join us in the Land of the Pharaohs. Depart October 11, … Continued

Supporting Friends and Neighbors Simplified: Shop Small, Shop Local We’re proud to be a major supporter of small business, and we are proud to support our community. When you shop at local businesses, you help our community grow and together, … Continued

Using Data: Chamber Offers Key Economic Indicators to Help Businesses We know that the title of this blog post *sounds* boring. BUT – we know key economic indicators are super important and help drive business decisions many of you make … Continued

Join us in Egypt in 2019 The Chamber travel crew returned just a few days ago from this year’s trip to Scandinavia reporting incredible adventures, beautiful scenery and a smooth travel experience. Now, we’re announcing the 2019 trip to Egypt! … Continued

Love Local Food We know all of us love to eat local – the chefs and eateries right here in Billings are phenomenal! So, we invite you to show your love for your favorite local eats. Post to your own … Continued

Catch the Autumn Issue of LiNK Magazine! The autumn issue of LiNK was recently delivered, and we want to make sure everyone has a chance to read it. If you missed the hard-copy, check it out online here. In this … Continued