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June 19, Farewell to ChamberCast
Featuring Jack Jennaway and Kelsi Gambill

June 5, 2024, Episode 82: The Health of Healthcare
Featuring Lee Boyles of Intermountain Health

May 15, 2024, Episode 81: Special Olympics Double-header
Featuring Tyler Wiltgen and Brian Brown co-chairs of Special Olympics State Games, and Evan Decker of Visit Billings

May 1, 2024, Episode 80: Tapping Into Tourism
Featuring Jeff Ewelt of ZooMontana and Kevin Kooistra of Western Heritage Center

April 17, 2024, Episode 79: A Heart for Community
Featuring 2024 Outstanding Business Person Michelle Harkins

April 3, 2024, Episode 78: Lowering Dropout Rates
Featuring Dr. Erwin Garcia of Billings Public Schools

March 20, 2024, Episode 77: Bridging Communities: Native American Business, Culture, and Education
Featuring Randy Bear Don’t Walk of MSU Billings and Cathy Grider of Billings Chamber

March 6, 2024, Episode 76: Leading Ladies – ENCORE & Women’s Network
Featuring Samantha Morris of Chemnet Consortium and Jennifer Reiser of Billings Chamber

February 28, 2024, Episode 75: 85 Years of Inventing a Better Way of Living
Featuring Shannon Christensen and Greg Matthews of Cushing Terrell

February 7, 2024, Episode 74: Spotlight on Community Development
Featuring Michael Sanderson of Sanderson Stewart

January 24, 2024, Episode 73: Managing Risk With A Trusted Partner
Featuring Brett Arnold and Brian Daubert of Marsh McLennan Agency

January 10, 2024, Episode 72: Two Things You Can’t Live Without-Energy and Agriculture
Featuring Brandon Wittman and Jennifer Sayler of Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative

December 27, 2023, Episode 71: Billings Chamber Rewind: A Look Back at 2023
Featuring the Billings Chamber’s Management Team of John Brewer, Jennifer Reiser, Alex Tyson, Dan Brooks

December 13, 2023, Episode 70: Getting Upstream on Mental Health
Featuring Melanie Schwarz with Upstream Strategy Partners with Jennifer Reiser of the Billings Chamber

November 29, 2023, Episode 69: Every Day is Small Business Saturday
Featuring Katie Moldenahuer of Giddy Up and Sara Creeden of Art’s Paper and Paints

November 15, 2023, Episode 68: Wings over Billings: Air Service Expansion
Featuring Jeff Roach of Billings Logan Airport and John Brewer, Billings Chamber

November 1, 2023, Episode 67: Bet on a Vet
Featuring Mike McManus of Veterans Navigation Network and Dave Nordel, MaxFab Consulting

October 18, 2023, Episode 66: Everything You Need to Know about the Parks & Rec Bond
Featuring Chris Kukulski of City of Billings and Julie Seedhouse, Chair of Play It Forward Billings

October 4, 2023, Episode 65: Cattle, Rodeo and So Much More
Featuring Michelle Harkins of EBIRD and Leah Clark of The NILE

September 20, 2023 Episode 64: A Very Good Neighbor Legacy Award Recipient Mike Nelson
Featuring Mike Nelson of Northern Hotel

September 6, 2023 Episode 63: New Look, New Name, Same Great People
Featuring guests Dena Johnson and Abbey Wink of Marsh McLennan Agency

August 23, 2023 Episode 62: The Montana Miracle: Celebrating State Legislature Wins
Featuring guests State Senator Daniel Zolnikov (SD 22), and State Representative Katie Zolnikov (HD 45) with Dan Brooks of the Billings Chamber

August 9, 2023 Episode 61: Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice
Featuring guests Amy Queen of Healthy By Design and Tyler Amundson of Big Sky Senior Services with Cathy Grider of the Billings Chamber

July 26, 2023 Episode 60: From Good to Great and Great to Excellent in Education
Featuring Greg Upham and Erwin Garcia of Billings School District 2

July 12, 2023 Episode 59: Passing the Gavel
Featuring new Board Chair Jeremy Vannatta with John Brewer of Billings Chamber

June 28, 2023 Episode 58: What’s Next in NextGEN
Featuring guests chair and co-chair of NextGEN Abbey Wink and D’Vaughn Hayes with Cathy Grider of the Billings Chamber

June 14, 2023 Episode 57: Designing for Safety: Art Hushen on CPTED
Featuring guest Art Hushen of the National Institute of Crime Prevention

May 31, 2023 Episode 56: Member Spotlight: TDS Fiber & CEC Facilities Group
Featuring guests Jorge Taveras of CEC and D’Vaughn Hayes of TDS with Isiac Hammer of the Billings Chamber

May 17, 2023 Episode 55: What’s For Dinner?
Featuring guests Chaley Harney of Montana Beef Council, Charlie Hollenbeck of Cowboy Meat Company, and Macee Pearson of Blue Creek Marbled Meat Company

May 3, 2023 Episode 54: Sweet Staycation
Featuring guests Aly Eggart and Luke Ashmore of Visit Billings

April 19, 2023 Episode 53: Meet our Business Excellence Award Winners – Part 2
Featuring guests Matt Hall of Midway Auto & RV, William Henry of Be Better World, and Entre Technology Services

April 5, 2023 Episode 52: Meet our Business Excellence Award Winners – Part 1
Featuring guests Dusty Eaton of A&E Design and Bo Bruinsma of Billings Public Schools

March 22, 2023 Episode 51: Smart Design. Safer Spaces
Featuring guests Michelle Williams of the Billings Depot and Dan Brooks of the Billings Chamber

March 8, 2023 Episode 50: All Aboard for Chamber Breakfast
Featuring guests Andrew Demarest of NonStop Local and Alyssa Voeltz of the Billings Chamber

February 22, 2023 Episode 49: A New Way to Help People in Crisis
Featuring guests Coralee Schmitz of Rimrock Foundation and Jason Banfield of the Billings Fire Department

February 8, 2023 Episode 48: Education & Pathways to Success
Featuring guests Greg Upham and Bo Bruinsma of Billings School District 2 with Cathy Grider of the Billings Chamber

January 25, 2023 Episode 47: Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative
Featuring guests Brandon Wittman and Dave Kelsey of Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative

January 11, 2023 Episode 46: Agriculture Celebration Week
Featuring guests Mike Phillips of Little Horn State Bank, Courtney Kibblewhite of KGHL/Northern Broadcasting, and Alyssa Voeltz of the Billings Chamber

December 28, 2022 Episode 45: Calling for an ENCORE
Featuring guests Becky Bey of KLJ and Jennifer Reiser of the Billings Chamber

December 14, 2022 Episode 44: Fighting for Your Business in Helena
Featuring guest Rebecca Meyers, lobbyist for upcoming session, and Dan Brooks of the Billings Chamber of Commerce

November 30, 2022 Episode 43: Keep the Cheer Here
Featuring guests Tiffany Miller-Obrien of Frae Everyday Goods and Linda Brooks of SOMETHINGchic

November 16, 2022 Episode 42: Catch the Spirit of Giving
Featuring guests Felicia Burg with Family Promise, Lindsay Richardson with Downtown Billings Alliance, and Gabriel Denio

November 1, 2022 Episode 41: No Whoa In Winter: Tourism’s Impacts and Importance
Featuring guests Aly Eggart of Visit Billings and Brenda Maas of Visit Southeast Montana with Kelsi Gambill of Billings Chamber of Commerce

October 19, 2022 Episode 40: Creating Autism Friendly Spaces and Places
Featuring guests Michelle Williams of Billings Depot, Shelli Mann of Boothill Inn with Alex Tyson of Visit Billings

October 5, 2022 Episode 39: Benefits of Belonging
Featuring guests from the Billings Chamber of Commerce membership team Jennifer Reiser, Rene Beyl, and Isiac Hammer

September 21, 2022 Episode 38: A Lasting Legacy
Featuring guests Jim and Chris Scott

September 7, 2022 Episode 37: YOU Belong In Billings
Featuring guests John Brewer, Julie Seedhouse, and Jeremy Vannatta

August 24, 2022 Episode 36: A Win-Win Partnership: Seeing Success in Venue Management
Featuring guests Mayor Paul TenHaken and Finance Director Shawn Pritchett of Sioux Falls, SD

August 10, 2022 Episode 35: Member Spotlight on Erro Coffee Roasters
Featuring guest Packy Tagliaferro of Erro Coffee Roasters

July 27, 2022 Episode 34: Rocky Vista University
Featuring guest Dr. David Park of Rocky Vista University

July 13, 2022 Episode 33: Member Spotlight: America First Response
Featuring guest John Briggs of America First Response

June 29, 2022 Episode 32: Introducing Our New Board Chair
Featuring guest Julie Seedhouse, new Board Chairperson of Chamber Board of Directors

June 15, 2022 Episode 31: Takeaways from Tough Conversations
Featuring guests Toby O’Rourke of Kampgrounds of America, Inc. and Shelli Mann of Boothill Inn

June 1, 2022 Episode 30: Something in the Air
Featuring guest Kevin Ploehn of Billings Logan International Airport

May 18, 2022 Episode 29: On the Trail with Southeast Montana
Featuring guests Brenda Maas and Cassie Solberg of Visit Southeast Montana

May 4, 2022 Episode 28: Surf & Turf
Featuring guests Shane Flowers of Ranch House Meats and Marguerite Jodry of Zest

April 20, 2022 Episode 27: Back to our Swanky Roots
Featuring guest Veronnaka Evenson of Swanky Roots

April 6, 2022 Episode 26: Jeff the Nature Guy
Featuring guest Jeff Ewelt of ZooMontana

March 23, 2022 Episode 25: Proudly Simply Local
Featuring guest Jenny Barriger of Simply Local Magazine

March 9, 2022 Episode 24: The Cure to Cabin Fever
Featuring guests Kristin Hoyer of GoUnite and Mechelle’Lae Mann of After Rage

February 23, 2022 Episode 23: Your Trail Guide to Billings
Featuring guest Luke Ashmore with Visit Billings

February 9, 2022 Episode 22: Flipping the BURD
Featuring guest Zack Terakedis with the East Billings Urban Renewal District

January 26, 2022 Episode 21: Celebrating Agriculture
Featuring guests Mike Phillips of Little Horn State Bank, Jess Peterson of Western Skies Strategies, and Alyssa Voeltz, Member Experience Manager with the Chamber

January 12, 2022 Episode 20: Ever Thought About Running For Office? Here’s How
Featuring guests Hannah Olson of DOWL, Daron Olson of TDS Fiber and Dan Brooks, Business Advocacy Director with the Chamber

December 29, 2021 Episode 19: NextGEN – A Network of Emerging Leaders
Featuring guests Colton Welhaven of Buchanan Capital and Cathy Grider, Workforce Development Manager with the Chamber

December 15, 2021 Episode 18: Sports Tourism in South Billings
Featuring guests Alex Tyson, Executive Director of Visit Billings and Dick Zier with South Billings Urban Renewal Association

December 1st, 2021 Episode 17: Base Camp
Featuring guest Scott Brown, owner of the Base Camp

November 17, 2021 Episode 16: Ace Hardware
Featuring guest Skip King, owner of King’s Ace Hardware stores

November 4, 2021 Episode 15: Workforce Issues
Featuring guests Mike Wilson of Whitewood Transport and Brad Anderson of Anderson Management Group

October 20, 2021 Episode 14: All Things Agriculture
Featuring guests Callie Coolie with MSU Extension and Bonnie Deverniero with the NILE

October 6, 2021 Episode 13: CyberSecurity for All
Featuring guest Dena Johnson of PayneWest Insurance

September 22, 2021 Episode 12: Election 2021
Featuring guest Councilwoman Kendra Shaw

September 8, 2021 Episode 11: Covid-19, Masks, & Billings Public Schools
Featuring guests Dr. Michelle Pierson, Superintendent of SD2 Greg Upham and Sean Lynch of the Pub Station 

August 24, 2021 Episode 10: Billings Trails
Featuring guest Lynn Harper of Billings TrailNet

August 11, 2021 Episode 9: Leadership Billings Alumni Network
Featuring guest Jennifer Reiser, COO of Billings Chamber and Heidi Davey of Altana FCU

July 28, 2021 Episode 8: Chamber’s New Board Chair
Featuring guest Nichole Mehling of Billings Clinic

July 14, 2021 Episode 7: Downtown Billings
Featuring guest Mehmet Casey of the Downtown Billings Alliance

June 30, 2021 Episode 6: Diversity & Inclusion
Featuring guests William Henry of Be Better World and Carmelita Dominguez of Montana Allergy and Asthma Specialists

June 16, 2021 Episode 5: Public Safety Part 2
Featuring guests Chris Kukulski, Billings City Administrator and Billings Police Chief, Rich St. John

June 2, 2021 Episode 4: Public Safety Part 1
Featuring guests Chris Kukulski, Billings City Administrator and Billings Police Chief, Rich St. John

May 19, 2021 Episode 3: Visit Southeast Montana Tourism
Featuring guest Brenda Maas, Marketing Director for Visit Southeast Montana Tourism

May 5, 2021 Episode 2: Small Business Appreciation Week
Featuring guests Kris and Mariah Carpenter of Sanctuary Spa, Joy of Living, and Black Dog Coffee House

May 5, 2021 Episode 1: Welcome to ChamberCast
Featuring guests John Brewer, President/CEO of the Billings Chamber of Commerce and Mike Nelson of the Northern Hotel

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