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As we look back over the past 18 months, we can see how the Billings community has come together. When the Chamber began looking at the 2021 Annual Meeting, we realized it is truly a time to celebrate! This event is a chance to look back, see how far we have come, the lessons learned, the growth made and, most importantly, to celebrate a bright future, together.

Join us at ZooMontana on September 16th at 3:30 p.m. for an annual celebration like none we have ever had before! We will have a brief program to celebrate our Legacy Award winner, showcase our strategic priorities, and celebrate the Billings business community.

As you walk through the zoo, not only will you encounter wildlife, but you will also encounter the Path to Success. This pathway is where you can dive into many of the Billings Chamber programs and benefits. It is an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about how the Chamber fights for you and your businesses.

You will not want to miss this amazing celebration, time of reflection, and vision for a bright future. Our thanks to PayneWest Insurance, the title sponsor of the Annual Meeting, for their support.

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