RiverStone Health Receives Three National Awards RiverStone Health is a leader in empowering better health, community well-being, and healthcare innovation with the mission of improving life, health and safety. Their expertise and mission driven work led RiverStone Health to recently … Continued

HERE’S MY NUMBER, SO SELL ME, MAYBE Regular readers of the Billings City Council Bulletin may recall that mid-November of last year, City Council passed a resolution to list several city properties for sale. The four properties recommended by staff … Continued

CPTED SECURITY EVALS AVAILABLE TO BUSINESSES With a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) update on tonight’s work session agenda we wanted to remind you of our CPTED security evaluation program. It’s easy as 1—2—3. Did we mention it’s FREE!? … Continued

THIS ONE TRICK SAVES PROPERTY OWNERS HUNDREDS Sorry, not sorry for the clickbait title, but tonight’s Council meeting is one that everyone should tune into. On the agenda is the establishment of mill levy rates that will determine your actual … Continued

DO WE NEED A “STRONG MAYOR” FORM OF LOCAL GOV? …NO OFFENSE TO MAYOR COLE AND PREVIOUS MAYORS 🙂 At our most recent Coffee with Candidates event—thanks to all of you who came to see the Ward 3 candidates!—an attendee … Continued