Media Act, Bringing Middle Earth to Montana? To date, 1,571 bills have been introduced, over 250 more than were introduced in the 2021 session. Of those introduced, approximately 1/4 are considered dead, either failing passage or missing a deadline. The … Continued

Montana Community Reinvestment Plan (MCRP) Act The Billings Chamber has been strongly supportive this session of pro-housing legislation aimed at reducing housing regulations and governmental barriers that make it more difficult for the private sector to address our affordable housing … Continued

Leaping into the Second Half of Session The legislature is back in full swing this week, returning after transmittal break with a final count of 42 legislative days remaining. The official calendar gives lawmakers until May 5th to conclude business … Continued

Halftime The legislature is all done . . . with the first half of the 68th Legislative Session. Forty-five legislative days into the constitutionally allowed 90, lawmakers receive a brief intermission to return home and recharge. After the marathon days … Continued