WHY NOT HOUSING?! Tonight, Council will get a presentation on a County decision to re-purpose the former sheriff’s office building into surface parking. Typically, the development of surface parking in downtown Billings requires a special review, which must pass through … Continued

The Billings Chamber of Commerce announces that Mike Nelson is the recipient of the 2023 Legacy Award. This outstanding community leader and business owner will be honored during the 2023 Billings Chamber Annual Meeting presented by Marsh McLennan Agency, formerly … Continued

CHEWIN’ THROUGH SNOW LIKE A MEG MUNCHES MOVIE EXTRAS Assuming everyone is still sky-high about aviation after this weekend’s Yellowstone International Air Show, we thought today’s Council Bulletin should focus on our airport and airport issues—from more-power maintenance *queue Tim … Continued

The following information is provided by the City of Billings in an effort to educate and prepare Billings residents and visitors to our city during the Yellowstone International Air Show, August 12-13, 2023. You’ve likely already noticed increased air traffic … Continued

PROVIDING CERTAINTY FOR PARKS BOND IMPLEMENTATION Council’s first work session in August has two topics for discussion, one of which is Councilman Rupsis’ initiative to draft a resolution outlining specific criteria for management, scheduling, and partner engagement with the upcoming … Continued

LIMITS OF ANNEXATION MAP & POLICY CHANGES PROPOSED Normally, City Council doesn’t meet on the 5th Monday of the month, but we are in for a treat tonight! City Council has a work session discussion on the limits of annexation … Continued