Combining Forces: Ag + Tourism = Agritourism The Billings Chamber is closely connected to our state’s top two industries, agriculture and tourism. We recently hosted our annual Ag Appreciation Banquet, highlighting the importance of agriculture in Montana. The Chamber also … Continued

Each year the Billings Chamber of Commerce awards exceptional leaders whose impact and example are deserving of recognition—not simply for their accomplishments, but also for their character, their leadership, and their integrity. The 2023 Business Excellence Awards honor individuals and … Continued

“These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends” In 2016, a television show called Westworld aired on HBO. Based on the original 1973 film written by Michael Crichton, both the tv series and movie are set in an amusement park full of … Continued

Thank you to City Council for an exciting first step!  City Council voted last Monday night to adopt the Concept Design for a Multi-generational Recreation Center by an 8-1 vote. Thank you, Mayor Cole and Councilmembers Shaw, Gulick, Owen, Neese, … Continued

Improve Voter Information, Don’t Limit the Local Process Three bills are coming up this week that terminate, or increase requirements for, voter-approved mill levies and bonds. The first is SB 251, which establishes a termination date for all mill levies … Continued

Returning Control to Local Businesses Last year, Billings City Council killed a zone change that would have provided over 100 new infill housing units. It would have been a significant benefit to our businesses in need of workforce, our overall … Continued