RESIDENTIAL RUBBISH A little over a year ago, the city swapped out the massive, shared 300 gallon trash bins with individual 96 gallon bins for residential use. As you would expect, the shared nature—a trash tragedy of the commons—of the … Continued

MORE PARKS, LESS CRIME Most everyone would agree that we work hard in Billings…except for us lazy Millennials…and we deserve great spaces to play hard, connect with others, or just relax. Despite having an incredible amount of open space, there’s … Continued

Construction of the NorthWestern Energy gas-fired power plant in Laurel will resume after Judge Michael Moses lifted the stay he issued in April, which stopped construction. Thanks to legislation passed in Helena—supported by the Billings Chamber of Commerce—the approximately $250 … Continued

// WHY DO A COST OF SERVICES STUDY? Tonight, City Council is scheduled to approve the FY 2024 budget. With 11 amendments to discuss and a packed agenda, they also have the option to punt final budget adoption to June 26th. … Continued

BACK IN ACTION: COUNCIL BULLETIN RETURNS FOR YEAR TWO Welcome back to the Billings City Council Bulletin! Now that the 68th Legislative Session has concluded, we’re transitioning from the weekly update on legislative affairs to our newsletter all about Billings … Continued