As we celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week 2024 with our first official Tourism Week here in Billings, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce the amazing Visit Billings team. Today features Evan Decker, Sports Tourism Manager.

What’s your favorite thing about working in the travel & tourism industry?

My favorite thing about working in this industry is that you get a great sense of all that’s wonderful about the community you’re representing.

What’s your favorite ‘hidden gem’ in the city of Billings?

It’s hard to give just one hidden gem, because they’re truly are so many. For a place to have a meal, I would say Bin 119. For a place to grab a drink, I enjoy City Vineyards. And for a place to just enjoy the world around you, there’s something very special about a walk next to the Yellowstone River at Two Moon Park.

If you could give one piece of advice to a first time visitor to Billings, what would you let them know?

If I could give one piece of advice to the first-timer in Billings, it would be to pack accordingly for the Montana adventure ahead. Billings, and the surrounding area, have a plethora of different types of terrain and weather patterns that should be taken into account in the planning and packing process.

When you think of the phrase “quintessentially Billings,” what comes to mind?

The first thing that comes to mind, when I think quintessentially Billings, is our beautiful Rims. They are the crowning jewel of the Billings skyline and are a perfect place to catch a sunset or morning run on the Skyline Trail.

What is your favorite local event? Favorite thing to do in the summer?

My favorite local event is the Yellowstone Valley Farmers Market, held on Saturdays in Downtown. Along with this, I really enjoy golf, mtn biking, camping, swimming, and local concerts during the summer.