The Billings Chamber thanks our elected officials who voted YES on House Bill 293. These senators and representatives conveyed their support for business by voting for this bill, which enables competitive tax incentives to lure film and television productions to Montana.

“The Montana Film Society also pushed the bill. Missoula-based filmmaker Lynn-Wood Fields was one of the lead advocates. ‘The reason this had such bipartisan support is it’s really important for our economy,’ she said. ‘Film and productions ripple the money out to the hotel industry, rental cars, food and taverns, etc. It also creates many good-paying blue-collar jobs from builders, drivers to caterers.'” [Read more from Montana Standard]

Specifically, we’d like to thank the legislators who voted YES: Duane Ankney, Jason Small, Doug Kary, Mary McNally, Jen Gross, Margie MacDonald, Tom Richmond, Jeri Custer, Barry Usher, Rae Peppers, S. Stewart Peregoy, Dale Mortenson, Daniel Zolnikov, Kathy Kelker, Jessica Karjala, E. Kerr-Carpenter, Jade Bahr, Frank Fleming, Rodney Garcia, Sue Vinton, Forrest Mandeville, and Seth Berglee. See more about how the Billings-area legislative delegation voted on issues important to the Chamber membership by clicking here.”