Get Up to Date on City Council

Watch some City Council meetings so you know what you are signing up for. Meetings are every Monday at 5:30pm, usually last about four hours and are broadcast on Community 7 and the Community 7 Facebook Page. Some important topics are:

This will not only educate you on how Council meetings function, but also give you a crash course on the issues, and (if you are challenging an incumbent) what your opponent has said about these issues. Voters will generally reward a candidate who can speak to the issues intelligently over one who cannot.

Seek Expert Advice

You will want to seek advice from someone who has run for Council before. Reach out to current or former Council members and seek their advice. Billings’ elected officials are usually happy to have a cup of coffee with a citizen and will be happy to offer their advice.

Billings Chamber Candidate School

Each year the Billings Chamber hosts a Candidate School for prospective candidates at no charge. We have a great lineup of speakers to discuss a number of topics candidates are interested in when running for office the first time. Come learn about:

  • Why run for office in the first place?
  • Election office logistics
  • City Council duties and responsibilities
  • Successful campaigning
  • Campaigns and the media

Other resources include the Secretary of State Elections Page, and the Commissioner of Political Practices website.

Important Dates


April 22 Candidate Filing Opens
May (TBD) Billings Chamber Candidate School
June 21 Candidate Filing Closes
August 16 Regular Primary Voter Registration Closes
September 14 Municipal Primary Election
October 4 Regular General Voter Registration Closes
November 2 Municipal General Election