“No one has ever bet against America and won.” -Tom Donohue, U.S. Chamber of Commerce CEO 

Every year the U.S. Chamber of Commerce hosts the State of American Business event to celebrate American business, discuss the state of the economy, and highlight the U.S. Chamber’s initiatives and priorities for the coming year. This year’s virtual event could not help but be different than previous years, given the current state of affairs. Despite the situation, speakersfrom U.S. Chamber CEO Tom Donohue, to members of Congress, to the CEOs of major businessstruck a tone of optimismDonohue noted that while business has been hit hard this past year, business will also lead the recovery by playing a key role in vaccine distribution and otherwise doing what business does bestdriving growth, innovating, and providing opportunityThe state of American business is resilient. 

Over the next year, the U.S. Chamber’s policy team will focus on infrastructure, fostering legal immigration, workforce development, and reengaging on trade while continuing to fight back against overregulation both here and abroad. Meanwhile, the U.S. Chamber is launching new initiatives to find common ground and improve civic knowledge, noting that “when democratic norms and the citadel of democracy is attacked, it requires a response.” The business community will have a key role to play in the coming year; the best solutions will come when business, civil society, and government work together and promote civility over division and renew our commitment to democracy and free enterprise and the rule of law.  

The Billings Chamber greatly appreciates the work and leadership from the U.S. Chamber. While we are an independent organization, we often align on issues with the U.S. Chamber, especially those that will kick start our economy with business growth.   

Watch a recording of this and other Chamber events here