// WHY DO A COST OF SERVICES STUDY? Tonight, City Council is scheduled to approve the FY 2024 budget. With 11 amendments to discuss and a packed agenda, they also have the option to punt final budget adoption to June 26th. … Continued

BACK IN ACTION: COUNCIL BULLETIN RETURNS FOR YEAR TWO Welcome back to the Billings City Council Bulletin! Now that the 68th Legislative Session has concluded, we’re transitioning from the weekly update on legislative affairs to our newsletter all about Billings … Continued

At The End Of All Things This thing all things devours;Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;Gnaws iron, bites steel;Grinds hard stones to mealSlays king, ruins town,And beats mountain down. The answer is *redacted* …. Of course, I’m not just going to give … Continued

“I Ain’t Been Droppin’ No Eaves Sir, Honest.” We are nearing the end of the 68th Legislative Session. A week ago, I would’ve bet good money the session would end early, concluding by the end of April. However, after a … Continued

“But It Was Not The End, I Felt Life In Me Again.” The legislature is on Easter Break today, one day after many would have celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Tomorrow is Legislative Day 71, giving lawmakers 19 more … Continued

A Message From Rene’ Beyl, Operations and Engagement Manager As I say goodbye to everyone after 15 and half years working for the Billings Chamber, I want to share how blessed I am to have worked alongside wonderful, caring, and … Continued

Like Butter, Scraped Over Too Much Bread Supposedly it’s Spring… Yet, remnant snow suggests it’s not the season of MLB Opening Day or Easter egg hunts in the backyard. Instead of sunshine or Spring showers, tomorrow’s forecast calls for more … Continued

Media Act, Bringing Middle Earth to Montana? To date, 1,571 bills have been introduced, over 250 more than were introduced in the 2021 session. Of those introduced, approximately 1/4 are considered dead, either failing passage or missing a deadline. The … Continued

Montana Community Reinvestment Plan (MCRP) Act The Billings Chamber has been strongly supportive this session of pro-housing legislation aimed at reducing housing regulations and governmental barriers that make it more difficult for the private sector to address our affordable housing … Continued

Leaping into the Second Half of Session The legislature is back in full swing this week, returning after transmittal break with a final count of 42 legislative days remaining. The official calendar gives lawmakers until May 5th to conclude business … Continued