Small Business Saturday

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We’re proud to be a major supporter of small business, and we are proud to support our community.

When you shop at local small businesses, you help our community grow. Together, let’s help strengthen our community by continuing to support the Shop Small ® initiative all year. But especially on November 29th, consider shopping with small, local businesses (find a list of those that are members of the Chamber here.)

mycitycruiser_logo is a proud sponsor of Small Business Saturday.

Join the Small Business Saturday Movement

Last year nearly 1,500 businesses participated in Small Business Saturday, including 30 local businesses who joined our Shop Small Saturday movement. This year, you can be one of them!

The Billings Chamber of Commerce is the 2014 Neighborhood Champion for the city of Billings. American Express encourages area Chambers of Commerce to champion their city’s Small Business Saturday so they can link together small businesses across the city, help coordinate media and marketing, and ultimately champion the drive for consumers to get out and shop small businesses. And, now we need you to rally with us! Explore the questions and answers below to learn more about the program.

Q: When is Small Business Saturday?

A: Small Business Saturday is November 29th and marketing for this campaign will be promoted throughout the month of November.

Q: Why should my business join the movement?

A: You get guidance and free swag to help promote yourself! Window logos, bags, door-mats, printable signage, and sample e-marketing and social posts are made available to use in your efforts to promote your business. And, there will be a game and contest from the Chamber to help drive traffic through your doors. More details coming on that soon.

Q: What is the cost to get involved?

A: There is no cost to become an official sponsor business of Small Business Saturday, this program is fully funded by American Express and the resources are available at no cost to the business owner.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Please contact Kate no later than November 7th if you would like to become a Business Sponsor for Small Business Saturday.

Q: What will the Chamber do to help my business on Small Business Saturday?

A: The Chamber and Kate can help with e-marketing, setting up for the day, getting businesses on American Express’s shop small map and answer any questions you may have about how to make the movement work for you.

In addition, the Billings Gazette will publish a special Small Business Saturday section on both Thanksgiving Day and Small Business Saturday. Incredibly reduced rate advertising is available in these sections through the Gazette. You can learn more by calling 406-657-1370.

Q: Which businesses qualify to be part of Small Business Saturday?

A: Any business is eligible to be part of Small Business Saturday, all at no cost. Large businesses can become “Official Supporters,” while small businesses can enjoy a variety of benefits, depending on actual business size. If you want to be involved, or simply learn more about how your business can be involved, contact Kate by calling 406-245-4111 or e-mailing

Q: My business doesn’t qualify, but I want to get involved as a consumer. What else does the Chamber do for Small Business Saturday?

A: Stay tuned! A contest and game are in the works and will roll out for consumers soon!

A little more on the subject of small business:

The Billings Chamber is based in small businesses; in fact, 88% of our membership base is comprised of small businesses. The Billings Chamber supports all businesses through a combination of advocacy, facilitated business connections and opportunities for growth. In particular, our advocacy efforts aim to be a voice for small businesses in general, speaking out in favor of legislation, policies and movements that are pro-business, and advocating against those that will do harm to small businesses. Small Business Saturday and our Shop Billings movement are a perfect example of these efforts. Before going online this holiday season, support your friends and neighbors. Shop Billings!

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