I am saddened as I watch events across our country unfold this week. I am angry at the hate and injustice. In Billings, we give of ourselves and try our best to care for our community and for its people. We are learning from a worldwide pandemic how to adjust to a new normal and come out the other side better than before. But today as people across the country battle with a very different and tragic wave of pain, injustice and hate, we should all ask ourselves if we are doing our best to make all people feel loved, worthwhile and supported. As many fight for their basic human rights, what can we learn from them and from the wake of tragic events that have unfolded over the past few days? We as individuals must do better. Billings must do better.

Diversity, inclusion, and being a welcoming community to all people is a topic of utmost importance, and it is critical as our community listens, learns and evolves. Our community’s quality of life for all, the ability to find good employees, and our safety depend on us being better. The Billings Chamber of Commerce is developing its plan to do just that: build a strong vision for our region to be better. Being a community for all will be part of that plan. We are “Open and Safe,” and we must be “Open for All.”

The Billings Chamber is committed to hearing from all members of the business community and to learning what changes must be made. We’re asking a few questions here to learn from you (anonymously) so we can evolve our program of work to address equality and impact significant change. Please take just a couple of minutes to shed a light on our future.



John Brewer