Oftentimes people call us unsure about what a Chamber of Commerce does or how we can help them. In my opinion, that uncertainty exists for two main reasons:

1. We do a lot of different things;
2. People get involved with our organization for different reasons, so the experience is often individualized.

However, we operate under a mission and vision like most other organizations. These items act as a guiding light to keep us heading in the right direction. Thus, our vision is to achieve excellence in community leadership and growth. And, our mission is to develop a strong business climate and vibrant economy by serving the community in a leadership role thereby enhancing the quality of life.

One of the many ways we follow our mission and vision is through advocacy. We aim to listen to our member businesses, learn what your concerns are and seek solutions to those concerns by advocating for a more business-friendly environment.

Want to learn a bit more about what this looks like? Explore our infographic below, which shows our work on a local, state and federal level. Have questions about what it means or how it impacts you? Email Dan Brooks. Want to know more about becoming a member and investing in an organization advocating on your behalf? Contact Rene Beyl.