What do members of the Billings Chamber receive from their membership investment?

The Billings Chamber knows that the key to our organizational success is our members, and specifically, member loyalty. We also know that we offer a ton of benefits, and determining which ones make the most sense for you can be overwhelming. So, we thought we’d share some of the benefits our members most appreciate with you through our new video series.

The video series highlights why members join, how they are engaged in the Chamber, and what keeps them renewing year after year. If you’re unsure about membership, looking for new ways to build connections, or want to explore the investment you’ve made in the Chamber, these videos will likely help you.

Be on the lookout for new videos posted regularly through our Chamber blog, through e-newsletters and on our social media pages in the coming months. You can watch the first one we showed at our Annual Meeting last week below! We know you’ll see familiar faces, so be on the lookout for your fellow members! And, if you have a comment you’d like to share, email rene@billingschamber.com to schedule a time to record your own :15-:60 second video.

You can check out all Billings Chamber videos by visiting our YouTube channel here.

As we look forward, we need to know how our members will behave in the future, which products or services they will continue to need, and whether or not they will recommend membership to a friend or colleague. Through this campaign we hope to share authentic experiences, receive feedback and ultimately be better equipped to connect with all of our members, improve our communications, understand your needs and create customized solutions to meet these needs.

The Billings Chamber membership team are facilitators of the membership experience. We want to give our members a sense of purpose, an opportunity to share their story, build relationships, and align themselves with our strategic plan and priorities.  If you have suggestions but would prefer not to be on camera, please email jennifer@billingschamber.com.