Serving can be just as important and beneficial to your professional development as education and networking. Many business professionals spend so much time working on their own personal growth and development, they lose sight of the benefits that come from volunteerism and giving back.


Every year the Billings Chamber brings local business leaders together to participate in Leadership Billings. This program endeavors to help attendees do three things:

Make Connections: Business professionals connect with other area leaders, with various community issues and programs, and with their peers.

Get Educated: Participants learn about their leadership abilities and strengths, and how to maximize these for their business or organization.

Start Serving: Group members discover opportunities to serve their community, through volunteerism and leadership opportunities.


Benefits of Serving or Leading in Your Community:

• Creates new networking opportunities
• Sharpens your skills and strengths
• Teaches new skills and provides an opportunity to practice them
• Gives you a great feeling and builds your confidence
• Allows you to observe others and their best practices
• Can offer a different perspective or new career option
• Builds connection with the community and peers
• Helps people and groups in need
• Gives you visibility among community members
• Energizes, fulfills, relaxes – creates balance in life
• Offers opportunities to lead and inspire
• Rounds out a resume


Multiple businesses and organizations have given presentations at Leadership Billings that have inspired the group to explore opportunities to serve and contribute. Just this year, participants have helped by donating items such as clothing, food, décor items, diapers, furniture, gift cards, quilts, and funds to local organizations. They also volunteered their time, resources, and services to local events and families in need, and even participated in local fundraising events.


Organizations that have benefited from Leadership Billings:

Billings Depot
Explorer’s Academy
Family Promise
Family Services
Family Support Network


The Billings Chamber is proud to have these local organizations be involved in the Leadership Billings program and share their time and expertise to our group.

Leadership development makes your journey through life exciting and ever changing. Volunteering and giving back to the community can help you to be more than just a traveler passing through. Make a plan to make a difference!

Registration for the next Leadership Billings cohort hasn’t opened, but if you’re interested in the program, email Jennifer at She’ll add you to a waiting list and reach out when the program opens.