NextGEN is what YOU make of it… Make the most of your time


When joining a new group or adding something to our busy schedules, we all want to know what we are going to get out of it.  How are we going to benefit? Nobody wants to invest time in something that isn’t going to give them anything in return. NextGEN is a unique group; you can engage at your own level of comfort by using the group’s resources and opportunities in ways that specifically work for you.

As you quickly find out, the resources and opportunities provided by NextGEN are both numerous and beneficial. Frequency and time of day are varied to accommodate lots of schedules. You have the opportunity to serve on Action Teams – helping to share the future of NextGEN; attend one of the many social offerings such as NextHOUR – allowing you access to like-minded emerging professionals; grow your knowledge base and skill set through attendance at Quarters or the Professional Development series, or you can get involved in mentorship – either by mentoring a student while providing them reasons to stay in and invest in Billings after graduation, or by connecting with a more seasoned professional to mentor you toward your career goals. (Now accepting applications! Click here.)

Overall, you will become part of the larger picture that is growth and success in our community while also impacting your personal goals and developing as a professional.

Are you a current member and interested in guidance in making your membership work for you? Contact Marcell Bruski! Or, join us for Quarters on August 16th where we’re offering NextGEN 101.

Not a NextGEN member yet but want to check it out? Click here.

Are you a supervisor or manager with employees you think could benefit from NextGEN membership? Click here to learn more or click here to request a membership presentation.