Jennifer Reiser, Chief Operating Officer for the Billings Chamber

The Billings Chamber of Commerce offers international awareness tours to its members and community as an initiative to foster global understanding, enhance business opportunities, and provide learning opportunities and connections. By exposing local businesses to a global perspective, the Chamber aims to broaden their horizons and equip them with the insights needed to thrive in the interconnected world.

In addition to the strategic aims of fostering global understanding and expanding business opportunities, the Billings Chamber’s international awareness tours offer the unique value of connecting participants with fellow travelers. The collaborative nature of these tours creates a conducive environment for networking and relationship-building among members and community representatives. By sharing the experience of exploring international destinations together, participants develop a sense of camaraderie that extends beyond the tour itself. These connections serve as an ongoing resource, facilitating the exchange of insights, knowledge, and business and personal contacts even after the tour concludes. The relationships formed during these journeys can lead to collaborative ventures, joint initiatives, and a support network of like-minded individuals facing similar challenges. Ultimately, the value of connecting with fellow travelers adds a human dimension to the international travel experience, enriching the overall experience and strengthening the bonds within the local business community.

Traveling abroad exposes participants to diverse cultures, customs, and business practices, fostering a deep understanding of the importance of learning about new and different places. Additionally, exposure to diverse perspectives and practices promotes a more inclusive mindset among tour participants, encouraging them to embrace diversity in their personal and professional relationships. This increased cultural awareness is not only beneficial for individuals and businesses, but also contributes to the overall promotion of diversity and inclusion within the broader community

As members share their experiences upon returning from international tours, the Chamber becomes a catalyst for fostering a more inclusive and globally-minded thinking.