The Billings Chamber and Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative is thrilled to announce Carlee Bomar as one of the 2024 Youth in Ag Spotlight recipients. These spotlights are a powerful way to celebrate and recognize the future stewards of agriculture who are shaping the future of the industry. The Billings Chamber along with Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative wish to acknowledge the dedication and passion for agriculture shown by these youth.

Carlee Bomar is currently in her second year with the Shepherd Tumbleweed’s 4-H Club, a club founded in 2005 by her late Grandfather and Grandmother. Carlee’s mother, a former FFA member, leads the club, and Carlee is likely to follow in her footsteps once she reaches the eligible age. Living on a farm, Carlee actively contributes to her mother’s Micro-Hatchery business, Pioneer Poultry, established in 2021. Her involvement extends to the cultivation of their vegetable garden, raising and training pigs, and exploring ideas like dehydrating mealworms for chicken treats.

Carlee’s compassionate nature is evident in her commitment to rescuing chickens and her involvement with Meat Rabbits. Attending a Pig Auction, she gained valuable insights into selecting fair pigs and ensured their well-being by building a shelter and providing a thoughtful feeding regimen. Despite facing challenges like giving medication and nursing a sick pig, Carlee’s dedication prevailed, resulting in a remarkable transformation.

Her participation in various competitions at the fair showcases her competitive spirit and dedication to learning. Carlee’s success in Poultry Showmanship and Round Robin, as well as winning Herdsman ship, reflects her comprehensive understanding of animal care. Her influence extends beyond competitions, as she actively engages with the public, creating an education poster about poultry and inspiring others to join the 4-H Club.

Carlee’s commitment to sharing knowledge is demonstrated in her role as a mentor to younger and less experienced individuals. She pays it forward by passing on lessons learned from experienced 4-H members. Her leadership qualities shine through in her proactive involvement in community events, such as holding the flag for a National Leadership Meeting.

Beyond her agricultural pursuits, Carlee is a well-rounded individual who balances her time with church activities, sports, and academic interests. Her ability to process animals, demonstrated during a quail processing session with her family, exemplifies her hands-on leadership approach. Carlee’s aspiration to become a veterinarian, coupled with her love for math and science, highlights her potential in the agricultural field.

Carlee’s outstanding work ethic, resilience, and nurturing nature set her apart as a strong-minded and determined individual. Her journey serves as an inspiration to both the young and older generations, emphasizing the productive role youth can play in the agricultural environment.