The Billings Chamber and Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative is thrilled to announce Rex Koivu as one of the 2024 Youth in Ag Spotlight recipients. These spotlights are a powerful way to celebrate and recognize the future stewards of agriculture who are shaping the future of the industry. The Billings Chamber along with Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative wish to acknowledge the dedication and passion for agriculture shown by these youth.

Rex has embarked on a journey as an entrepreneur, founding Lost Boys Piebalds and Pygmy’s—a venture dedicated to raising and showcasing registered Pygmy goats, Dorset and Piebald sheep. Beyond merely tending to his animals, Rex actively engages with the community, particularly focusing on Yellowstone county and neighboring areas. His commitment extends to organizing and participating in clinics, shows, and workshops, creating opportunities for local kids to immerse themselves in the world of agriculture.

In the realm of competitions, Rex demonstrates his versatility by showcasing his expertise in ApHA, local shows, and ranch horse competitions. Not limiting himself to a specific breed, he also competes with Pygmy goats, Boer goats, and sheep in 4-H and Jackpots. He competes in horse judging and tried meats ID this year at Nile.

Rex’s impact on the 4-H community stands out prominently. His encouragement has led to the expansion of the speckled face division, and he proudly had six of his lambs featured in classes at the local fair. Rex’s passion for teaching shines through as he imparts knowledge about Pygmy goats, assisting kids from other counties in launching their own projects. His dedication to education is evident in local clinics, workshops, and even a recent workshop on lamb butchering at the 4-H building.

Driven by a desire for comprehensive understanding, Rex taught himself the art of butchering and cooking through online videos. This knowledge empowers him to truly market his animals, showcasing a commitment to transparency in his agricultural pursuits. Rex’s influence extends beyond his immediate surroundings; he actively promotes engagement by encouraging others to be hands-on and involved.

Rex’s enthusiasm for education doesn’t stop there; he readily participates in radio and TV interviews, using these platforms to enlighten the public about the agricultural world. His appearance on “Good Morning Montana” with his piebald Ram underscored the importance of agriculture, particularly during the Montana Fair.

At fairs, Rex relishes the opportunity to connect with the public, involving them directly with his animals. Looking ahead, he envisions expanding his piebald herd and is currently working towards establishing a local Pygmy goat club in Montana. Rex’s ultimate goal is to continue inspiring those around him to engage with livestock, fostering a sense of community and passion. Additionally, he aspires to delve into meats processing, further contributing to the agricultural landscape. Rex’s journey is not just about his business but about building a vibrant and connected community in the world of agriculture.